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Furnace Installation in Fairfax and Northern Virginia

levanair-furnace-installation1In Levanair Heating & Air Conditioning we know how important it is to make the right decision when it comes to replace your gas furnace due to the time of the unit and different issues that may appear which represent more costs in parts and labor. Let us guide you and provide advise about the new equipment that will be a part of your life for years to come.

When do I need to replace my furnace?

The age of a unit is of relative importance. Some equipment with 15 years of age will perform adequately and eventually will require to be replaced. 20 year old units, however, are considered a total risk to your family and home and you must replace them. Other reasons to consider a replacement should be old gas furnaces with issues such a loud noise due to a bad calculation of air flow in the blower; gas furnaces with several damaged parts to be replaced or just because you want to get a more energy efficient system that will allow you to save energy and provide more comfort in your home.

No matter what the reasons are, Levanair is here to help you and provide advise in your next investment. Our company offers free estimates in gas furnace installation in Fairfax and all Northern VA, and a second opinion to help you decide.

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What kind of furnace do I need?

Whether you are looking for a budget friendly equipment or a higher efficient unit, it is very important to understand that this new gas furnace installation will provide many years of comfort to you and your love ones. You may have two options to consider before deciding your next investment:

  • Save money and acquire a basic equipment, or
  • Invest in a medium or higher efficient unit that will pay off itself through the years to come and will provide long lasting performance and comfort.

Almost all major HVAC brands offer three levels of equipment: basic, better and best which differ from one another in price and efficiency. Most brands also provide equal manufacturer warranty (usually 10 years warranty on parts and 20 years warranty on heat exchanger)

What to look for in the new gas furnace?

After acknowledging that Levanair heating & Air Conditioning offers the most competitive prices in the market, this is a small list of what to look for in the new furnace to improve comfort and efficiency:

2 stage gas valves: Recent research shows that 70% of the homes do not use the full 100% calorific capacity of their gas furnace to keep their home warm, instead most homes use only 30% of that capacity in the colder months. With a two stage gas valve we utilize less gas which also improves the humidity level in the air. Using the correct calorific amount inside the house will help improve the humidity and reduce the hours of work of the whole house humidifier (if present in the house).

Variable speed blower: This new motor delivers exactly the same amount of air since the first day you place a new filter until the day you need to replace it again. This quantity of air in your home is regulated by a an internal computer in the motor and special sensors that help to also improve the air conditioning flow, to increase the level of SEER (Standard Energy Efficiency Ratio) and reducing electric usage up to 10 times when using the fan.

90% or better AFUE: To simplify AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) understanding: For every $1.00 dollar we invest in heating our home, 80% AFUE systems directly transfer $0.80 of calorific energy in the air of our home and $0.20 are lost in the exhaust outside the house. Now, if we have 96.2% AFUE furnace we would be using $0.96 of our money to heat our home and would only lose $0.04 of our money. A less capacity furnace that will transfer the same amount of transferred heat inside the house.

Furnace Installation 80% AFUE or 90% plus AFUE?

Some homes have restricted the installation of 90% AFUE equipment or better due to the location of the unit inside the house or other elements that will block the new exhaust system and intake of these new equipment. 90% AFUE or better furnaces require new piping to capture outside air to create a cleaner combustion (higher oxygen intake) and expell the unit’s gases (exhaust). The material use in the new piping is PVC due to the corrosive condensation that the new equipment creates that is not compatible with the old exhaust system metal pipes.

This new piping system elevates the installation costs, but represents long run savings.

On the other side, the new 80% AFUE furnaces have improvements in efficiency, 2 stage gas valves and variable speed blowers are a great investment too. Some installation site prevents from installing a 90% AFUE system or to keep low installation costs. All active furnaces do not have a minimum 80% AFUE most 15 year old HVAC equipment are only 60% AFUE and changing it to a new 80% AFUE system will represent major savings.

Please, call us now to make an appointment for a free estimate to replace your gas furnace and provide advise for the best HVAC equipment for your family and home. Levanair heating and air conditioning (703) 955 9683