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Heat Pump Repairs in Fairfax and Northern VA

Just like furnaces, heat pumps are designed to produce heat. These systems literally work year-round for your comfort.

Heat pump repairs are more common compared to gas furnace repairs, because they are two equipments in one (air conditioning and heating), and work 24/7 throughout the year.

How a heat pumps works?

Heat pumps are air conditioners equipments. They are designed to extract the heat of your home, through thermic transfer with the help of refrigerants, compressors, evaporators coils and condenser coils. The heat mode uses the same principles, but in reverse. Heat pumps extract the little heat from the air outside, even at low temperatures, by compressing and transporting the thermic load, (heat) to your home.

Heat pumps compared to furnaces, work twice as hard because they use the same components in the process of air conditioning and heating.

“Heat Pump Repairs”

How to identify problems with my heat pump?

  • My outdoor unit is freezing to the point of forming ice around it: This is a very common problem in heat pumps. The equipment should be melting all the ice using its internal controls (defrost control).
  • The unit does not produce enough heat: This is most common when there is a refrigerant leak in the heat pump and evaporator coil.
  • Heat pump does not produce enough heat, and the indoor air feels even colder: Common  case in certain brands, in which the reversing valve could be damaged and working on air conditioning.
  • Heat pump works well but does not produce enough heat in the colder days: The heat element might be damaged, or defective relays, leaving no heat support to the heat pump.

Note: Heat pumps use heat elements as a support. They are unable to produce enough heat to warm the house when outdoor temperatures reach 37 degrees.

  • The easiest way to detect a problem with your heat pump is through your electric consumption. When your heat pump is failing or malfunctioning you should expect lots of kilowatts used which translates into unusually higher electric bill (3 or 4 times more than the average consumption).

These are some common problems with this type of equipment. We also recommend regular servicing to avoid dealing with frequent heat pump repairs.

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