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Ultraviolet Devices
  • Installs with central heating and cooling systems to deliver whole house comfort.
  • Eliminates maintenance hassles with easy access pads.
  • Saves energy by eliminating constant cycling of air.

UV-16 Aire

The UV-Aire unit is designed to emit powerful UVC Band light rays, which sterilize and reduce airborne microorganisms as they pass through a heating or air conditioning system. It is installed in the main supply or return duct and operates continuously to automatically purify the air in the home 24 hours a day.
  • 24V Plug-in Transformer Included
  • Compact Design Fits in tight spaces
  • Built-In Safety Switch Designed to light only inside the duct
  • E-Z Lamp Replacement Simple twist and lock

Sizing and Selecting Units:

Square Footage/UV-Aire (for ducts at least 16″ Wide) Up to 2000 Sq/1 unit 4000 Sq/2 units Lamp Replacement Part # 46511200